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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Everything I learned, I learned from Behind the Music....

I have and I've had a pretty good life. I grew up in a stable, loving household with parents I respect. I joke that if I wanted to slit my wrists, they'd support me enough to cheer me on make sure the knife was straight so I did it right the first time. I went to a good college and I have a job I don't mind. I have rockin' friends and they and my family support me in my dream of comedy. My boyfriend makes me happy, looks out for me, and even cooks. I know, nauseous yet? But while these are the ingredients needed to make a well-adjusted adult, it's not the recipe for a successful career in comedy.

Just about every performer I can think of has had some sort of strife: t0ugh childhood, drugs, bad decisions, blah blah blah. About the worst thing I can think of that I’ve survived is that I grew up without cable. And I can't reach the high shelves. And I'm passive aggressive.

And it wasn't until I actually got cable in college that I realized this. It dawned on me while watching VH1's Behind the Music. I'd watch everyone from Aerosmith to New Edition. And it was always the same. Kids start band early. Band rocks out. People notice. They get a record deal. Drugs and women are everywhere. Half the band goes into rehab or someone dies in a freak accident or success tears them apart. And then the redemption where they get it together and make a comeback.

I've always wanted my own Behind the Music. Not because I want to be famous, but because I want to accomplish enough that people feel a Behind the Music needs to be made about me. And yes, I realize that I need to make an album first, but if Eddie Murphy can do it, so can I. I mean, Jesus, I like to party all the time, too.

So now the question is, can a funny female with a crippling case of Napoleon's complex and no daddy issues make it in the dysfunctional world of comedy? Guess you'll have to tune into VH1 in 10 years or so to find out.


Blogger rachael said...

Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Ramano, Rita Rutner, are just a few highly successful comedians who lacked cliched strife in their lives. Also there are tons of crack heads and abused peoples who don't have any creative accomplishments. Probably because they were on drugs or abused.

9:03 AM

Blogger Emily Epstein said...

actually rita rudner had some strife. apparently she ran away from home at like 15 or something ridiculous like that, but i see your point...

10:33 PM


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