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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Few of My Not-So-Favorite Things

We're all our worst critic. I can't help but notice that about all the people I know. Recently, I also realized that it takes next to nothing to get my dander up. As it's Friday, and time to kick back and enjoy the weekend, I thought I'd include a few of my not-so-favorite frustrations, in hope that it will help me move on with my life. That and realize what a spaz I am:

  • Yesterday I ate a candy bar because I just had a craving for it. Then I felt guilty for eating it. Then I got mad at myself for feeling guilty that I ate it.
  • I walked past an issue of Teen People and couldn’t help pick it up and start reading. By the fifth page of teenage celebrity dating drama, I was ready to shank someone.
  • I’m freelance proofreading a romance novel at the moment. It wasn’t until page 129 that something saucy happened. Aren’t people paying good money to get their smut a little earlier?
  • I woke up a few days ago more tired then when I went to sleep. I even had a dream that I was dating my boyfriend and a lesbian and I broke things off with the lesbian because it was too exhausting to try and please everyone. It shouldn’t be this hard to start my day. And you know things are bad when it infiltrates your dream patterns.
  • I was recently reading about the riot in Brooklyn by some orthodox Jews when one of their own was arrested for talking on his cell phone at a green light and holding up traffic. There is a discrepancy as to whether the 75-year-old was roughed up before he was arrested but there was enough outrage that a bunch of his brethren turned out and lit some cars on fire among other things. Is it wrong that I’m kind of ashamed to call the Orthodox part of my religion? I mean, they set cars on fire when someone’s arrested and they threw stones at me from across the street when I was in Israel because I wasn’t dressed according to their standards. A little angry, aren’t they? I think they could use a chill pill.

Sigh. Okay, I feel a little better.


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