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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crazy Quotas

It's been a strange week. I did a show in Bath, PA, this past weekend, where we were greeted by a perky woman wearing what looked to be a shower cap imprinted with musical notes. The venue, known as Brenda and Jerry's Entertainment Center, actually employed security who promptly relinquished their posts once the show started to watch. I've never felt so safe, though I'm not sure what they had to secure.

I've also been dog sitting an adorable Jack Russell all week named Mr. Lucky. He doesn't bark, doesn't bite and I'm smitten. Now the question is how to keep him forever without having to move and/or put a hit out on his very lovely owner. And I'm even more suprised my landlord hasn't picked up his scent yet, being that she is a bitch, and complained but that's definitely a good thing.

And lastly, it took me an hour to get from midtown manhattan to the east village last night, a trip that should only take about 20 minutes. First it started to pour like I've never seen. It was some kind of tropical storm that I and those around me, stuck under an awning together, could only stare at in wonder as we got soaked. Although now I'm starting to doubt myself because no one else seems to have seen it.

Then I had to take a different train because the one I wanted was out of service due to the heat. Apparently, the New York subway system has never dealt with heat before. Who knew? And when I finally plunked my soaked ass into a subway seat, a guy asked me for the time and then shared with me that I have "a pretty face but he sees some pain there."

I was like "thanks, but I'm all good."

And then he started talking about jesus. And I proceeded to switch cars. And the stop after I did that, everyone else in the car switched, too. Guess they also all had their share of crazy for the day.


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