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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Question of the Day

So say you love someone. Like, a lot. Not like a crush in high school. This dude is the real thing. He'd walk on hot coals for you singing "My Heart Will Go On" if you needed him to. You'd attempt to beatbox while some sorority girl circled your fat while standing in Times Square if he required those services of you.

But for some reason, key members of your family refuse to acknowledge this perfect union just because he's not a nice jewish boy from the suburbs.

So how exactly do you remedy this without it turning into Romeo and Juliet? (Or maybe more aptly, West Side Story, though I'm not sure if my family are the Sharks or the Jets.)

After all, it seems silly to teach your children to love and accept everyone if you're not going to also tell them that they mean as long as they don't date your daughter.


Blogger dl004d said...

Threaten to withhold future grandchild visitation rights?

7:49 AM

Blogger Emily Epstein said...

Now that would be a fun card to pull...

8:26 AM

Blogger lisa said...

um....except that then you'd have to actually have the grandchildren.

4:07 PM


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