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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream Lover

I had this dream that I ate an entire cake. It was a chocolate brownie cake. And I woke up feeling all guilty but relieved that it was just a dream. Then I went back to sleep and dreamed that I was awake and ate another cake. This time it was some kind of blueberry coffeecake number. After the second dream, I started to wonder if I was sleep eating or something, but then realized I don't have a cake in the fridge so I'm safe.

I told my boyfriend about my dreams the next day. He told me that the same night I was having those dreams, he was dreaming that I had gained 60 pounds.

I'm hoping that we're so in tune with each other that we're dreaming similar dreams, otherwise, it's foreshadowing. I really hope it's not foreshadowing.


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