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Thursday, September 14, 2006

On trains and trusting landlords...

My landlord called on Friday night at 10 pm to let me know that she wasn't renewing my lease. Weird time to make such a call. I was upset because frankly, I was supposed to break up with her. In fact, I thought I'd already done such a thing. I clearly remember yelling at her the last time we got in an argument that "we only have 3 more months to live together and then I'm getting out of here! Can't you act like a freaking human being until then?" Apparently I was too subtle.

So we've started the apartment hunt and in just one viewing, the frustration of searching from three years ago all came rushing back. We went to a very nice apartment in the middle of Bushwick (of course the ad said East Williamsburg) that had no living room. I brought this up and the woman said, "Well, I didn't write that in the ad, did I?"

Good point. But you also didn't mention that the apartment would have running water or a bathroom and it seemed to have those. Then again, the apartment also didn't contain my current landlord which made it a lot more enticing.


On the train, I saw a woman reading a book called "The Female Orgasm" while yawning her head off. If you're going to read porn on the subway, you'd think it would hold your attention. Maybe there weren't enough pictures.

Though, I think that's a lot less moving then the person I saw on a platform reading a newspaper upside down. I mean, I like to brag as much as the next guy, but boasting illiteracy? That's ballsy.


Anonymous dl004d said...

Reading upside down is an important skill. Haven't you ever seen the film "The Paper"?

11:01 AM

Blogger micah said...

You aren't giving us the warm-n-fuzzies about our impending apartment search…

1:51 AM


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